about green light

Green Light Health Consulting is a holistic health consulting practice with aims to consciously re-examine the definition of health and how to feel well. Health is not exclusively physical; emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health are all intimately connected. 


At Green Light, you will learn how to listen to, love, and understand your body. We are connected to nature, but we've all but forgotten that because of the pervasiveness of cultural norms and dominance of certain medical models. Re-learning this fundamental reality is central to true, lasting health. The focus will never be on calories, deprivation, or weight loss. If you have a desire to change your body composition, that likely will naturally result from consistency and an awareness of how to lovingly nourish yourself. We focus on supporting your body and mind by caring for them and learning to be hyper-aware of their feedback.


​The resources offered through Green Light Health Consulting:


  • Nutrition consulting for humans, dogs, and cats

  • Holistic approaches and solutions

  • Personalized recipes

  • Meal plans

  • Home remedies

  • Plant medicine/herbalism education

  • Intuited tinctures, candles, and skin care

  • Basic exercise tips & schedules

  • Reiki & crystal treatments