Free one hour consult! A chance to discuss health goals, ask questions about food, nutrition, home remedies, and meal planning, and to chat about any concerns. Feel free to use this hour to learn more about how I use intuition and mediumship in creating health plans and products.

Recieve a personalized nutrition plan for one week. Prices vary.

services & products

  • Skin care products and tinctures made from natural, premium quality ingredients, designed according to your specific needs.

  • Hand-poured, clean soy wax and coconut oil candles infused with therapeutic-grade essential oils.

  • Custom teas

  • Herbal blends

  • Smoke wands

  • Incense

  • All products can be infused with Reiki if desired for no extra cost.

What do kids really need to eat? Is it different from adults? What is "kid food"? Learn about how to eat well as a family and how to make things simpler along the way. Prices vary based on family size, childrens' ages, and meal plan needs. Some prenatal and infant nutrition included!

I am well-versed in the basics of canine & feline nutrition as well as in natural home remedies and health-boosters for these furry friends. Online, in person, or over the phone welcomed. Minimum $20/hr, or $75/week for unlimited correspondence.

I am pleased to offer Reiki treatments to both humans (of any age) and animals. Reiki is used worldwide to address and treat physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues. Schedule a house call to try out a session, or feel free to contact me directly for more information. $50/session

Dandelion Fields

In "Plant Medicine", I will work with you one on one, or as a family, to discover how to work holistically with plants as medicines. In accordance with your personal interest, this may be on a physical level only, or can incorporate spiritual, metaphysical, energetic, and emotional components. 


Currently unavailable